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We provide the most responsive and environmentally sound recycling program for WEEE, lamps, batteries, flat panel displays (FPD’s), cathode ray tubes (CRT’s) and cooling products in one facility anywhere in the United Kingdom.
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As well as bespoke recycling operations, Electrical Waste offers a unique service via its sister electrical wholesale business, CEF. Together we have 390 collection points across the UK via the CEF network. CEF is the only electrical wholesaler in the UK with it’s own recycling facility, providing customers with the ultimate recycling service. This means that you and your company can easily comply with all current legislation in a single, simple service.

We cover every waste item included in the WEEE directive including lamps and we provide a battery facility too. Each CEF store provides a fully licensed drop off point for waste and we provide all the necessary paperwork which we will retain for you for the three years required by law.

Every product that operates using electricity or a battery is covered in our offer and we provide the quickest nationwide collection service in the market place.

Our goal is to keep you compliant in the simplest and most efficient way!

The Law

Choose a service that you can trust – where the emphasis is on compliance!

  • The 2007 WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations, recast in 2013 places a requirement on all businesses to correctly store, transport and dispose of their electrical wastes
  • All wastes operating with a plug or by battery require storage in an appropriate waterproof container on your own site (if you employ any staff)
  • 99% of all WEEE is classed as Hazardous Waste and therefore needs to be accompanied by a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note (HWCN) specific to the country of origin
  • Anyone moving such waste must carry this paperwork and hold an Upper Tier Waste Carriers License
  • All documentation relating to these movements and disposals must be retained by the business for the legally obligated 3 years
  • All businesses have a duty of care to audit the company they hand their waste over to as it is their responsibility for the waste until its final resting place
  • Failure to comply with these regulations may render individual(s) and/or the company liable to prosecution resulting in substantial fines or imprisonment, plus adverse publicity

The Solution

Huge Investment

Electrical Waste and CEF has developed what is widely regarded as the best in class WEEE treatment plant and Europe’s largest lamp recycling plant. The UK plant is the only site licensed and able to mechanically process flat screen TV and computer monitors we process one every five seconds, the rest of the industry take 15 minutes per set manually... our site is like no other.


We hold all of the relevant industry accreditations. We are Avetta certified and Achilles Services qualified, plus hold ISO 14001, 18001 and 9001 certification.

Government Approved

We have worked closely with both DEFRA and the Environment Agency and our AATF in Huddersfield is used as a benchmarking facility. We also sit on panels who work closely with the agencies to create guidance for the industry.

Uniquely on offer only at Electrical waste

We are the only WEEE Recycler who is licensed to process lamps and the only Lamp Recycler who have the equipment and investment to process the new LED lamps. There is nothing we cannot handle and your audit is in one location and the most seamless and transparent anywhere in the market place. We make it so simple and bring the service to your door.

Simpler, Better and More Compliant

Our nationwide fleet of vehicles are packed with the latest driver aids including five camera safety aids with real-time recording, pedestrian and cyclist safety devices. If you are multi sited you will get the same service at every post code. We provide the perfect solution for national companies and will provide consolidated audits and reporting. We don’t have a real competitor as our service is so unique and transparent!

Secure asset disposal

Our solution avoids data and identity theft, requests are ever more frequent

  • Staff are DBS checked and all have security passes to work on secure sites (MOD sites and airports etc.)
  • Clients can witness the on site process themselves or via CCTV recording
  • Option for re-use after certified data wiping and installation of software
  • One service provider for WEEE recycling, IT asset management, lamp recycling and battery recycling
  • Launched January 2015, IT asset disposal enhances Electrical Waste’s total WEEE solution
  • On site data erasure – BLANCCO software – MOD standard
  • On site destruction of devices (HDD’s, memory sticks, laptops, base units and mobile phones etc.)
  • On site asset management services
  • All of our vehicles are GPS tracked and a chain of custody form is completed enabling you to track your assets from initial disposal right through to end of life destruction

Collection Network

Keeping you compliant in the simplest and most efficient way!

There is a City in every Town! So that means you are never too far away from a registered, fully licensed premise who are proficient and able to accept waste from businesses in your local area.

With over 390 stores there is a store close to you which has the legally required three containers for electrical waste (WEEE), lamps and batteries. In addition to this, the CEF store will have the paperwork you need to make your consignment legal and your audit trail complete. No other wholesale company can assure you that these wastes are being recycled by them all under one roof!

CEF stores can order containers for your own site as these wastes must be stored correctly and go that extra mile to provide you the simplest solution for all of your electrical waste streams.

Our customers are our lifeblood and we have built our business around you, even offering an emergency 24/7 service.

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