Flat Panel Display Recycling

Setting new standards others thought impossible, our BATRRT compliant FPD recycling process can recycle displays at a rate of one every six seconds.

With the evolution of TV sets and computer monitors from the old Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT’s) to the more modern Flat Panel Displays (FPD’s) a newer and more strenuous challenge has met the recycling industry.

Most operators used to manually dismantle CRT’s at speeds of up to one every minute but FPD’s provide a greater degree of difficulty and even the most proficient operators have failed to achieve anything quicker than 4 units per hour in a fully compliant process and often less dependent on size of the monitor. Until now!

Electrical Waste have been granted full license and approval for processing these end of life products in its automated mechanical system at speeds of 600 per hour. The system is BATRRT compliant (best available treatment, recovery and recycling technique) and fully mercury abated, removing the risk that is faced in manually stripping the mercury bearing backlights from the panels.

The throughput speed is equivalent to one unit every six seconds compared to a manual process of one every 15 minutes which makes using this process, which is unique in the UK, the only real choice for FPD OEM’s, Producer Compliance Schemes and any discerning business with this waste stream to safely treat and remain fully compliant.

Ensure that you audit your FPD treatment process and make sure they are not stockpiled and untreated as many in the UK currently are. FPD Recycle….setting new standards others thought impossible!

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