Secure Asset Disposal

Our secure data and asset disposal service provides a complete solution to data and identity theft.

Information Technology sits at heart of every business.

When companies replace or upgrade IT and telecoms equipment, stockpiles of mobiles, laptops and desktop monitors can quickly accumulate, taking up valuable storage space and leaving businesses open to the risk of data being lost or stolen.

We focus on three core areas when dealing with IT assets disposal:

  • Your Data Security
  • Quality of Service
  • Environmental Impact

Our unique and tailored service provision treats the entire asset, meaning we manage both the secure destruction of the data and recycling of the physical asset and its components.

Obligations under GDPR continue even when you dispose of any data bearing asset, which is why we work with our customers to strengthen data security, maximise the value on recovery and reduce your organisations overall environmental impact.

  • Our staff are DBS checked have security clearance to work on MOD sites and Airports
  • On site secure data erasure using best-in-class MOD approved 'BLANCCO' software
  • You can witness the process live on-site or via CCTV recording
  • Devices can be redeployed or destroyed
  • On site or remote destruction of devices such as laptops, memory sticks, HDDs and mobile phones

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